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Introduction about unexpensive SIM for foreigners.

I will introduce the best one here.

This is a must-see if you are person coming to Japan for work or study etc.and you want to use Japanese SIM card.

IIJmio is the best buy cause they sell the SIM for foreigners in Japan.They are the firstest company operate it.

If you want to take more information.Please check article blow.

IIJmioの新プラン「データプラン ゼロ」ってどんなサービス?

という事でIIJmioが打ち出すeSIMの新プランの概要に迫っていきたいと思います。 「データプラン ゼロ」もう、このプラン名からしてお得感がヒシヒシと伝わってきますよね。 まず、このプランが始まるの ...


IIJmio is such a SIM recommended for overseas people

IIJmio's data communication plan has a data and SMS plan with a minimum contract period until the end of the month following the start date of use, which is extremely short.

Another reason is that the binding period is extremely short.

It is bad to say that a person who does not plan to stay in Japan for 2 years or 3 years contracts for a cheap SIM for a minimum usage period of 2 years, but it is "wasteful".

However, if you sign a contract with one of the three major carriers, the usage fee will be high and it will be difficult.

That's why I would like to recommend a cheap SIM, but like the three major carriers, there are cheap SIMs with a long binding period.

Under such circumstances, the minimum usage period for IIJmio is about one month, so it is easy for overseas people who have a short stay to make a contract.

As for the voice call SIM plan, the minimum contract period is one year, so for some reason I returned to Japan earlier! If you decide to cancel within 1 year, you will be charged 1,000 yen even if you continue to use it for 11 months or want to cancel early in the second month.

Since the minimum contract period is one year, no cancellation fee will be incurred if you cancel the contract 13 months after the contract.

The secret of popularity is not only the ease of cancellation.

The fact that the communication speed is more stable than other cheap SIM carriers can be said to be a factor of its popularity.

Also, many cheap SIMs and cheap smartphones will be low-speed communication until the next month unless you take appropriate measures such as buying additional data communication capacity when you use up the data communication volume set in the rate plan under contract.

On the other hand, in the case of IIJmio, the amount of data communication is not counted, so you can switch between low-speed communication and high-speed communication depending on the application, and you can save the data communication amount well.

Even better, you can properly carry over the amount of communication remaining in that month and carry it over to the next month.

Now, let's take a look at what IIJmio is like for foreign nationals and what they need to do in order to make a contract.

What foreigners need to prepare when signing a contract with IIJmio

First of all, identity verification documents are required. (Residence card with an address that has not expired, etc.)

If the address shown on the identity verification document is different from the current address, it is necessary to present the supporting documents. (Receipt of utility bill with address within 3 months from issue)

Credit card in the name of the person

In principle, debit cards cannot be used.

An email address that you can check immediately. (You can't use an email address that rarely logs you in or can't remember your password.)

MNP reservation number (when transferring from another company)

Those who want to continue using the mobile phone number currently used in Japan at IIJmio will need to enter the MNP reservation number when signing the contract, so the mobile phone company you are currently using will move to MNP. Please complete the procedure.

If the first contract you make in Japan is IIJmio, or if you are not willing to take over your existing mobile phone number, you do not need the MNP reservation number.

Below is a summary of the necessary items.

  1. Documents that can be verified
  2. Credit card in the name of the person
  3. E-mail address that you usually use with clear address and password
  4. Those who transfer from other companies MNP reservation number

If you can arrange these, let's subscribe via "online" which is convenient for anyone to use.

If the operation such as input cannot be confirmed for about 30 minutes, the process may not be performed normally and may not be terminated normally.

In order to proceed smoothly, let's check the contract flow again before starting the operation for contract.

All the preparation is done, so if you just want to choose, go to the official website of IIJmio.


Of course, you can do all the procedures from here.

Once you enter the application page, select the application method.

If you have not purchased the IIJmio package depending on whether you are a mass retailer or have already paid in advance at the online shop, the application method here is "There is no prepaid one (normal) "Please choose.

Then click "Next".

Next, let's select a communication plan.

There are five communication plan options.

  1. 3GB
  2. 6GB
  3. 12GB
  4. Phone only 0GB
  5. 0GB eSIM (data plan zero) 150 yen per month

However, 0Giga eSIM (data plan zero) cannot be purchased as a set with the terminal.

Just in case, if you want to subscribe to a large capacity, please click the "12 Giga or more required person" button.

Next, you will be asked the number of SIM cards you want to subscribe to, so select one and go to the next page.

When you come to the next page, you will be asked who the SIM user is and whether or not you will also purchase the terminal, so select the one that applies and check it to proceed.

When you proceed to the next page, you will be asked to confirm whether or not the device warranty is attached.

By the way, "Connected Device Guarantee" is 500 yen per month, but it is free for the first 2 months

It's not a hindrance to wear it, so we recommend that you add a warranty. (Not compulsory)

You can also select any option on this page, and when you move to the next page, you will be asked to confirm the contracted line, SIM card type, and flat-rate call plan.

Select either au/docomo on the line.

As for the type of SIM card, you can choose from various voice calls + SMS + data communication or only SMS + data communication / data communication.

In addition, you can choose any time for flat-rate calling here.

If you do not need a flat-rate call for 3 minutes, a flat-rate call for 10 minutes, or a flat-rate call, please check "No flat-rate call".

After proceeding to this point, let's select the contract content next.

If you want to get a new number, select "Get a new number", and if you want to keep using the same number, select "Use current phone number" and go to the next page.

I'm almost here

Next, the screen for confirming the contract details and selecting options is displayed. Check the plan to be contracted, the type of SIM card, terminal, etc. If there is a point to change, click "Modify" to contract Let's change the content.

If you're satisfied, click "Select an option" at the bottom of the page.

If there are other options you want to subscribe to, select the option.

Please confirm the contents of important explanation items, personal information handling items, etc. and click "Agree" to complete the confirmation, then click "Proceed to application".

Next, enter contractor information. Do you have a mioID here? There are 2 choices, "I have" and "I do not have" in the item, so select "I do not have" (new registration).

Authentication here will be done by email address.

Enter your email address and click the "Send Email" button.

If your e-mail address is correct, you will receive the e-mail immediately. Please copy the verification code written in it and put it in the field "Enter the verification code".

A password is required to log in to IIJmio's My Page after completing the input, so please set the password for that.

At this time, you can select the settings for receiving notification emails from IIJmio.

Enter the name (kanji) of the contractor, such as furigana, romaji, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, credit card, etc.

Regarding the part of the contractor's name, I explained that it is in Kanji, Furigana, and Romaji, but if you do not have Kanji in your name, such as American nationals, please specify it in Katakana.

Please write in katakana, not the alphabet.

At this time, if you sign up for a SIM card with a voice call function, the address on the residence card and the address you enter must match.

For example, please be careful as such writing will be NG.

The residence card says 123 Sunflower Apartment, 1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, but when you specify it, please abbreviate it as 1-1-123, Minato-ku, Tokyo? Please note that if you specify it, it will be considered that it does not match.

If you've done this far, let's carry out identity verification procedures.

Select "Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate" and click "Select File" to upload the image by photographing the surface of the Residence Card with a camera or capturing with a scanner.

If you can do this, it is the final confirmation.

Please check the contents of the application once more and if there is no problem, click "Apply".

If you find a part that needs to be changed, you can revise the registered content by clicking "Modify".

In addition, if you are not familiar with Japanese and if you have any questions or if you have any problems, the information on Japan Travel SIM is available in English and Chinese.

However, only Japanese is available for monthly fee service information.

With regard to the phone number of Japan Travel SIM, an English-speaking operator will support you, so you can use these support points with confidence.

Here's a quick recap of the process.


On the application page, select "No prepaid items (normal)"

Select any communication plan from 5 options

Select the number of SIM cards you want to subscribe

You can optionally attach a terminal warranty, so choose whether to attach it or not.

Select the type of SIM card you plan to subscribe to and the flat-rate calling plan

Select a line (au/docomo, either)

Select a flat-rate call arbitrarily

Choose whether to get a new number or continue to use the current number

Check the type and terminal of the SIM card you want to contract once again and if there is no problem, click "Select option"

After confirming the important explanation and personal information handling matters, click "Agree" or "Proceed to application"

Since you are asked for contractor information, choose not having a mioID (new registration)

Enter an e-mail address that can reliably receive e-mail and click "Send E-mail"

"Authentication code" will be sent immediately, so enter it in the "Authentication code" input field.

Set the password required to log in to IIJmio after completing the input

Enter information such as contractor name, date of birth, address, gender, phone number, credit card, etc.

"Select a residence card or alien registration certificate l, upload the image by taking a picture of the surface of the residence card, etc.

If there is no problem with the application details, click Apply

The general flow is as described above, but it may be difficult to do this much in a foreign country you are not used to.

However, since the support system is also thick, I would like you to consider IIJmio positively.



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